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Zeonpharma is dedicated to providing its products that combine quality performance and customer satisfaction. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers that respects the interests and goals of each party.

API (Bulk Drugs)


Semi Finish Formulation (Pellets / DC Granules)

ZEON Pharma offers various services for you. We are in a position to undertake long-term contracts for supplying intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as per your requirements. our customers find us to be the preferred source ..
API (Bulk Drugs)

Carrying forward the legacy of its technical and marketing expertise, ZEON Pharma further strengthens its foray into the supplying from various companies Having strengthened its foothold in specialized Lifesaving Innovative formulations, ZEON Pharma is now the integral part of the big league by setting up this facility.

The aggression and purposeful drive of ZEON Pharma is evident in massive product launches that are in its kitty for the coming years, the strategic alignment of business modules geared by new-age generation management leaders in the corporate and strong operational teams. In the light of defining ZEON Pharma success platform for future business success,

All the business ventures stemming from very inherent qualities such as innovativeness, competitiveness and the will to succeed against all odds synergies to fulfill the dream of ZEON Pharma