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Zeonpharma is dedicated to providing its products that combine quality performance and customer satisfaction. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers that respects the interests and goals of each party.

API (Bulk Drugs)


Semi Finish Formulation (Pellets / DC Granules)

ZeonPharma offers various services for you. We are in a position to undertake long-term contracts for supplying intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as per your requirements. our customers find us to be the preferred source ..
API (Bulk Drugs)
Research & Development is the key to the future of pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical advances for considerable improvement in life expectancy and health all over the world are the result of a steadily increasing investment in research. There is considerable scope for collaborative R & D in India. India can offer several strengths to the international R&D community. These strengths relate to availability of excellent scientific talents who can develop combinatorial chemistry, ZEON Pharma Co. is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative medicines through its associates and making them available to people around the world. Our business is fundamentally about saving, improving and enhancing lives, and we believe that by being successful as a business we provide the greatest benefit to society.
  • ZEON Pharma can develop the product through its associates based on the customer requirements having latest technologies and well equipped in-house R&D facility.

  • Dedicated team of scientists working on basic research, process economization and process optimization projects.

  • R&D strategies are evolved to manage synergy between development of new products and market demand for the same.

  • Time bound projects undertaken to achieve strategic positioning of new molecules.